2022 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Grant Program

Designing Gender Equity: Strategic Responses to Structural Diversity Interventions

Identity-based Competition: How Identities Shape Producers’ Market Opportunities and Constraints

Creating or Inflating Growth: Are Secondary Buyouts and Board interlocks used to Increase or Inflate Investment Deal Values?

Essays on Location Strategies, Institutions, and Knowledge Management

Navigating Technological Uncertainty in Industry Emergence

Three Essays on Market Innovation Dynamics

Microfoundations of Organizational Learning

Small Business Regulatory Influence: A Mixed-Methods Study of United States Craft Breweries

How Firm Use of Non-compete Agreements Affects Employee Mobility and Entrepreneurial Choice: Reputation Spillover Effects Using Text Analysis

2022 Grant Recipients: Research in Strategic Management

Studying Knowledge Decay in Organizations Using Knowledge Fingerprinting & Perishability Algorithms

Coping with the Expiration of Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century

2022 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

Designing, Launching, and Scaling Actor-Oriented Organizations 

Participating Organizations: QiSpace and The Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence

2021 Grant Recipients: Research in Strategic Management

Red In Tooth And Claw? The Nature And Dynamics Of Competitive Relations In Digital Transformation

The Measuring Strategy Lab: Bridging Data Science and Strategic Management to Understand Firm Performance

Resource Repurposing and the Technological Landscape

2021 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Grant Program

Essays on Strategic Broadcasting of Network Ties and Audience Attention

The Theory of the Firm in the Platform Economy

Essays on Antecedents of New Ventures’ Strategy Formation

Ecosystem Bottlenecks and Value Dynamics in the Lifecycle of the Online Video Ecosystem

Essays on Innovation Commercialization

Three Essays on Human Capital Management

Explaining Scaling Disparities Across Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Role of Strategy

Essays on the Politics of Innovation

Corporate Sustainability, Transparency, and Competition:  Evidence from Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States

Same, Same but Different? The Innovation Paradox in Template-Based Corporate Innovation Contests

The Role of Data in the Search for Innovation